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If you ever have the opportunity to meet Executive Chef Bruno Serato of the Anaheim Whitehouse, you’ll be moved beyond his impeccable italian gourmet menu at first glance — the first serving you get is his contagious smile, next his compassionate heart, and for dessert an incredible hearty laugh with every meal as big as a bear hug.  Truly a bonafide angel to over 500,000 plus hotel kids, Bruno’s wonderful meals are relished thoroughly  by palette and by plate by his biggest fans. 

This feast of love is donated daily to families in need and  is Bruno’s rite of passage for Catarina’s Club a non-profit charity organization dedicated to supplementing monetary resources for families to escape the vicious cycle of subsequent shortages of making the first and last month rent on much-needed housing for homeless children and their parents who live day-by-day in motels. Bruno Serato was named one of the top 10 “CNN Hero Honorees” of 2011 (http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/archive11/bruno.serato.html)
What most may have thought was an impossible feat of providing meals during one of the most economically  challenging times of our country,  has become an evolution of hope — in fact, you may call it a “Moveable Feat.”    This Orange County movement has inspired many to take greater stride in our communities to supplement those in need with a helping hand and in this case, a hearty plate of pasta with cheers of support.  It is with great honor that we announce this Moveable Feat which has now traveled beyond the Orange County perimeter as cheers become music to our ears.
Last February Bruno Serato was invited to join IAOF on a national endeavor on an Italian network station to announce his inspirational movement as part of this year’s Italian American Opera Festival charity spotlight,  a joint musical journey that sparkles hope for families in need.
On behalf of the Italian American Opera Festival, it is with great honor Hauteoc Inc announces CNN Hero Bruno Serato as this year’s Honorary Chair presented by the acclaimed Italian American Opera Festival, artistic director of the Tuscia Operafestival in Italy,  Maestro Stefano Vignati.
Join us on a musical journey that begins with a Champagne toast on May 10th at the Anaheim Whitehouse from 5-7pm the night hosts a reception and pre-cocktail party.  
The Italian American Opera Foundation (IAOF) was created with the aspiration to develop a cultural bridge between Italy and the United States.

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