Celebratory English Menu in Honor of the Royal Birth

Join Us this Week
for a
Celebratory English Menu
in Honor of the Royal Birth!

Skip across the pond without having to leave Orange County. Travel from the Anaheim Brewery to the Anaheim White House to Windsor Castle. Since we had former personal chef to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Carolyn Robb Hootkins, cook in our kitchen a few times, we feel we have a personal connection to the Royal Family.

In celebration of the birth of His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, we will be offering a special
3-course English dinner menu
starting Tuesday, July 23rd through Monday, July 29th.

Call 714-772-1381 to make a reservation today

In celebration of His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge

Tian of Oak Smoked Salmon
Hot-roasted salmon flakes, creme fraiche and dill wrapped in traditional Scottish Smoked Salmon
Fish & Chips
Fried White fish dipped in batter and thick cut "chips"
Filet of Beef

Beef fillet gratinated with wild mushrooms, served with wilted baby spinach, crushed minted new potatoes with a mushroom cream sauce
Summer Berry Pavlova
Wafer thin brown sugar meringues layered with fresh summer berries and vanilla with mascarpone cream.
Beer pairings for each course by Anaheim Brewery
click here for Anaheim Brewery's website
Cost is $55 per person or $65 with Beer Pairings plus tax and gratuity

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