Moving Family to New House... Household Items in Need

On Wednesday June 13th we will be moving in a family with 3 small children into a new home. They desperately need household items to help get them started as a lot of the items they have need to be given back to the person they lent them from. The family needs everything from mattresses for a daybed, to 2 more mattresses and beds, desks, washer, dryer, refrigerator, desk, computer, pots and pans, silverware, cleaning supplies, sofa, chairs, table, cups, plates, toaster, vacuum, lamps and much more. If there is ANYWAY you can help donate any of these items please contact Megan Seltzer at 714-772-1381 to coordinate a drop off time for these items. If you could please have them delivered by June 12th as the family is being surprised with their new home on the 13th we would greatly appreciate it. Go through your old items and help a family in need out. We thank you in advance for all your support!

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