About Bruno


            It’s the quintessential American success story.  A young man immigrates to the United States with nothing more than a dream and $200 in his pocket, works hard and creates one of the culinary world’s most respected and lauded fine dining establishments -- the Anaheim White House -- with Presidents, royalty and A-list celebrities among his loyal guests.  However, it's his charity work that has fueled his international celebrity.  
In homage to his own humble beginnings, Serato has made it a priority to give back to those less fortunate in the community.  In honor of his mother, he founded Caterina’s Club, an organization dedicated to making sure the region’s most vulnerable population – its children -- receive a hot meal before they are tucked into bed each evening.  7 nights a week he prepares dinner that is transported to the “motel kids," thus named as these underprivileged children are forced to live in rundown motels because their poverty stricken parents are unable to afford more permanent housing.  In addition to having served more than 500,000 meals so far, he has begun placing some of these families into homes of their own.
Serato's extreme generosity has earned him worldwide status.  He was named one of CNN's 10 Heroes of the Year and has been featured in magazines (People, Elle, Vogue), television ("CBS Evening News," "EXTRA,") and newspapers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, OC Register) countless times.  He is due to become knighted by the Italian government, was honored on the steps of the U.S. Capitol with a humanitarian award and has received any number of proclamations, Man of the Year awards and other forms of recognition.
Today, he continues to run his highly successful Italian steakhouse, but makes sure to open its doors not only for his own Caterina's Club, but to so many other nonprofits that are greeted with a warm and generous embrace.  His generosity in that regard earned national attention when he donated 200 fundraising dinners accommodating 100 guests each to deserving nonprofits in the community. 
While his prowess in the kitchen knows no bounds, so too does his generosity, which, in itself, is changing the world for the better.