USA Network "The Moment"

USA Network Thursday, April 25th episode of "The Moment" 
featuring Richard Nixon Library and 
White House Catering

White House Chef (#mom103)
EPISODE PREMIERE: April 25, 2013
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A devoted family man and passionate cook, Derek James had always dreamed of becoming a chef at the highest level, serving heads of state and dignitaries. After graduating with honors from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, Derek dove straight into the restaurant business. But when his restaurant couldn't survive the economic downturn, Derek was left with bills to pay and a family to support, and for the sake of stability chose to put his culinary dreams on the backburner and instead pursue a career in IT.

Now, Derek is about to get one more shot at making his long-simmering dreams come true. Under the guidance of his new mentor, former White House Chef Walter Scheib, Derek will hone his culinary skills and master the fine art of cultural protocol, essential knowledge for a chef at the highest level. After a rigorous training period, Derek will get the chance to cook for and interview with a premier catering company that handles the high profile events at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library. Can he take the heat, or will Derek get out of the kitchen once and for all?
Hopeful Update:
After impressing the team at White House Catering, Derek was offered a chance to join the company. On the job for months now, Derek has numerous high-profile events under his belt. Score an invitation to a swanky party at the Richard Nixon Library, and you just might get to experience Derek's cooking for yourself!

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  1. Derek James is a testament to the enduring American spirit of entrepreneurial fortitude and ingenuity. This is the American dream: to aspire and rise above the cares of life in which would hold one back, to reject the hold corporations try to place on lower echelons of society, and to ascend through the glass ceiling of promotion. Leading by this example promotes hope, and is no different from those who fight to preserve the middle-class from executive overreach, corporate rule, and economic slavery. Nice job, Derek.